Mohammad Najibullah

Mohammad Najibullah
Mohammad Najibullah born August 6, 1947 – September 27, 1996) was the fourth and last President of the communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. He is also considered the second President of the Republic of Afghanistan. His wife Fatana and his three daughters had lived in exile in New Delhi since 1992. He spent the rest of his days in virtual detention, and remained there until he was tortured, castrated, the killed in September 1996 by the Taliban who captured Kabul. Ahmad Shah Massoud, commander-in-chief of Burhanuddin Rabbani’s Army, fled Kabul and surrendered Kabul to the Taliban to flee to Panjsher. General Tokhi, who was with Dr. Najibullah until the day before Dr. Najibullah was murdered, wrote that Ahmad Shah Massoud fired a dozens of times at the UN facility. They didnt trust Massoud and his people so when three people came to Dr. Najibullah and Gen. Tokhi and asked them to come with them to flee Kabul, they rejected this offer. Gen. Tokhi said that this could be a trap of Massoud to kill them. This is supported by General Tokhi’s letters. Tokhi was with Najibullah at the UN compound when he was taken away by the Taliban, beaten and brutally murdered. His blood soaked body was hung in public from a traffic light post.

Mohammad Najibullah

Mohammad Najibullah before and after death

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